MEDIC FIRST AID is a worldwide innovator and leader in emergency-care training programs for business, industry and the general public. Adhering to high standards, the organization provides excellence in the following areas.

A Proven Training Process
MEDIC FIRST AID’s training process, based on proven instructional design theory and practice, utilizes “hearing, seeing, doing, speaking, and feeling” methodology to create student-centered learning and a low-stress learning environment.

Training Philosophy
MEDIC FIRST AID uses a combination of highly structured, tested and effective print and video instructional materials. The primary goal is to meet clients’ needs using the most effective, modern methods.

Award-Winning Training Programs and Products
MEDIC FIRST AID training programs and products enhance the learning process with advanced instructional design and formats.

Ongoing Support
MEDIC FIRST AID offers numerous training support resources for instructors, companies and students including state, national and international approvals for MEDIC FIRST AID programs and full-time, emergency medical services (EMS) personnel on staff.

Your Assurance of Quality
MEDIC FIRST AID adheres to strict quality-assurance procedures and benchmarks to ensure our programs meet appropriate medical, technical and customer-service expectations. Programs feature the use of a standardized training system, including video programs, facilitator guides and student successful-completion packs; a Quality Assurance Board and review process; and more than 26 years’ experience supporting CPR and first aid training needs.

Meets Regulatory Requirements
MEDIC FIRST AID Training Programs adhere to the most up-to-date medical and educational guidelines published by nationally recognized authorities.

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